What is a “Wimmelbook”?

A Wimmelbook is a type of illustration book of German origin with a great tradition in this country but still very little known in Spain. It is a cardboard children’s book showing different parts of a city while accompanying some characters that appear on each page. There are no predetermined narratives or stories, which enables an open, original and multilingual reading while the kids are having fun to explore and recognise the different parts of their city.

This book invites you on a visual journey to visit València and its surroundings in order to discover its most emblematic places and elements.  You will find flora and fauna, historic, ecological, social and cultural elements that define the city.

It is a book for children and adults alike who wish to (re)discover and show València or who want to keep a souvenir of their visit.


Technical description
Authors: Dorothee Fischer y Anneta Santacreu

ISBN: 978-84-18762-25-3
Format: Cardboard 25×33
Pages: 14
Multilingual book: English, Spanish, Catalan


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