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A visual journey to València and its surroundings to discover its essence. A book for children, but also a work of artistic, educational and touristic interest.


“Ecosystems València” is an illustrated book for children and adults alike with all the magic of a “Wimmelbook”. It invites us to explore the city of València and its surrounding nature!

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We are Doro (communications expert) and Anneta (illustrator, muralist, art mediator, art therapist and architect…) who have known each other for more than 14 years, but it was not until the autumn of 2020 that our paths crossed again to embark on some creative adventures together. This project was born out of a dream that Doro, mother of four girls, had one day and which relates to her childhood. She missed having a Wimmelbook of her current home town of València to be able to share special moments with her daughters and friends.

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